Escape Dodge Tactics


Escape Dodge Tactics

Have you thought about what you will do when a SHTF hits? We recently passed the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I live in Mississippi, but 150 miles north of the gulf. Even so, we lost power for a week at the house, and longer at the college where I work. It was not pleasant, and in fact the recovery continues to this day, particularly in New Orleans.

I recall very vividly watching on TV the interstate highways being jammed with all kinds of vehicles full of people not prepared for anything. They arrived in the Capitol City without housing, food, water, or basic medical care. It was a devastating event that I hope and pray never repeats itself. But then, that is what prepping is all about. Getting ready for the next one.

Though there was ample advanced notice to “Get out of Dodge,” many people had no plan, no idea, no provisions, or no thought processes about where to even escape to. As preppers these are the exact kinds of decisions and plans that need to be made now, well in advance of any kind of a next event no matter what type it turns out to be. So, here is a basic planning list to work on.

Much is discussed about a bug out bag, and that is vital, but that’s just one part of the SHTF pizza pie. Get your bag(s) ready, stocked, stored, and ready to grab. Whatever you pack, make it essential items only to last you at least 72 hours or more. Hopefully by then you can find a safe haven.

Take a critical look at your escape vehicle. You can’t take the whole family, 2-3 bug out bags, and other gear including security firearms in a 2-door Yugo. But you don’t need a $75,000 Land Rover, either. Just make sure your prime vehicle is suitable for the escape and keep it fueled.

Know your options for an escape destination in advance. Map the route, practice it, and have arrangements for housing or camping when you get there. Have a backup plan, too, in case other contingencies force you into altering your plans.

In terms of an actual evacuation, plan in advance for how you and family get together from work, school, or other situations to pack and leave. This can be a major obstacle to overcome, which is why all this stuff is called prepping.

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