New Load from OATH Ammunition: Max Cavitator


New Load from OATH Ammunition: Max Cavitator

This load was suggested by me and further developed by OATH Ammunition. The goal was to combine good barrier penetration with respectable terminal effect and decent accuracy.

The test results were quite encouraging: sub-1MOA accuracy from AR15 (300Blackout) and very prominent cavitation in gelatin. The mechanism of the tissue disruption is in the angled grooves. In flight, they cause minimal additional turbulence because the twist rate is matched to the barrel twist. Upon impact, the bullet flips end over tail and the grooves now act as screws on the gel or meat. Test results in 300Blackout showed three substantial disruptions around the projectile path instead of one typical of ball ammunition.


Available in copper or brass, the bullets also present a very thin cross-section to obstacles like auto bodies, punching rather than pushing through metal. That results in good barrier penetration without sacrificing the full .30 caliber wound channel. On the photo below, you can see the triple cavitation signature of the bullet (top) compared to a single cavitation splash of regular ball ammo. The OATH load flips over very rapidly, being back-heavy, then the angled ribs face opposite of the rotation direction and cause increased disruption of the media.

Max Cav Gel Block 2

The accuracy is afforded mainly by the monolithic lathed construction, which is easier to get right than filling a thin copper jacket with lead perfectly evenly. The Max Cavs will be made in five calibers: 223Rem, 270Win, 300Blackout, 308Win and 30-06. They will be all copper projectiles, with brass available by special order.

At this time, 125 grain .308 Winchester load is available at $41.95 MSRP. It reaches 3100fps from 24″ barrel and 2850fps from 16″ AR10. Heavier match load will eventually overtake it in flatness of trajectory, but only by about 1000 yard mark. The lighter bullet has about 25% more wind drift by then and less retained energy, so it really shines at the more realistic self-defense or community defense ranges of 300 yards and under. Starting out with similar energy levels, Max Cav bullet transfers it to the target more violently, providing better stopping effect.

300 Blackout load is coming in early 2016 at MSRP $31.95 (20 rounds).

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