Steel Wool with Wax in a Shotgun Shell (Video)


Steel Wool with Wax in a Shotgun Shell (Video)

Chances are, you’ve seen or heard about “wax slugs,” which are nothing more than shotgun shells in which the load of shot pellets has been encapsulated by wax. The notion is that this holds the shot together so it will fly sort of like an unrifled slug, but won’t penetrate as far as a slug.

Some consider it safer than shooting a slug in a home defense situation, on the basis that it might not penetrate walls as easily as a slug. Personally, I prefer buckshot, but that’s neither here nor there.

In the video below, Demolition Ranch takes a look at making wax slugs without any shot. The shot charge has been replaced by steel wool in some shells, and stainless steel scrubber stuff in others. Melted wax was then poured over the steel stuff and allowed to solidify.

The point? To hopefully create a “wax slug” that penetrates less than typical wax slugs.

The targets? Cantaloupes (exposed and behind wood) and concrete blocks.


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