A Matchbook Full of… Flashlights? (Video)


A Matchbook Full of… Flashlights? (Video)

Life is a series of surprises, and thankfully, many of those surprises are good ones.

The MBI Matchbook seems to be one of those.

Imagine a tiny flashlight, the size of a match. Like, for real about the size of a wooden kitchen match. Now get clever and attach a neodymium magnet to the base of each one and create a little folding cover/case that will hold them–oh, and make that case look like a matchbook for paper matches.

© MBI - MatchBox Instruments
© MBI – MatchBox Instruments

The lights are itty-bitty and are not terribly powerful. But hey–they are cool, and they work. And you can pre-order them right now at the MBI Matchbook Indiegogo page.

Some highlights from that page:

  • The world’s smallest production flashlight
  • Waterproof and fully submersible
  • Convenient magnetic base makes them easy to stick around
  • The LED tint is available in a variety of colors (White, Red, Green)
  • So small you can keep several in your wallet for emergencies
  • So light, you can take a whole pack camping and have 64hrs of light
  • Runtime of each matchlight is approximately 8 hours

The lithium batteries aren’t replaceable, so when it’s done, it’s done.

© MBI - MatchBox Instruments
© MBI – MatchBox Instruments

They’re not exactly spotlights, but if Matchlights are all you have when you need some light, they’ll be better than nothing. And as they say: When you need a light, the best flashlight is the one you have with you.

© MBI - MatchBox Instruments
© MBI – MatchBox Instruments

Available LED colors include white, green, and red.

With a set goal of $10,000 and north of $20k pledged at press time, it looks like the Matchlight will see the light of day, but there’s no telling how long this product will endure on the open market. I mean, most of us usually have a smart phone with a good bright light nearby much of the time. But for about $40 including shipping, you too can own a matchbox full of teensy lights. Woot!

Watch the video below for more info.

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