Video: Bear Killing a Deer in Residential Neighborhood


Video: Bear Killing a Deer in Residential Neighborhood

Warning: This video shows a bear in the process of killing a deer. Some will find this disturbing to watch (and to hear).

This short video shows a brown bear latched onto a deer, killing it. Naturally, the deer protests. Its bleating is loud and accusatory. The deer looks at the guy recording its demise and seems to be saying, “What is wrong with you? Why aren’t you shooting this big S.O.B. off of my back?”

The guy’s response is to tell a nearby woman to “Call somebody.”


It seems to me, the thing to do would be to kill the bear. I mean, any bear making a kill in a neighborhood is a dangerous bear and a threat to people and their pets. Then if the deer is mortally wounded, end its misery swiftly.

But in today’s society, that sort of proactive approach is often frowned upon.

What would you do?

(Lower your volume before you watch the video.)

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