Magnum Viper Pro 8.0


Magnum Viper Pro 8.0

The real cost of outdoor boots isn’t just the price, but the discomfort endured to break them in. After I wore out my feet trying to find a suitable replacement, I tried a sample from Magnum Boots. It’s not the one shown in photos; mine has been half-way to hell and back already. Two features convinced me to try Viper Pro 8.0: waterproofing and the reactive ankle protection.


The slight bulge over the bottom of the tibia is enhanced ankle support. Given my tendency to get close to twisting my ankle regularly when outdoors, this is good for peace of mind and safety of the ligaments.



The lacing takes a while to do, but it gives the flexibility for accommodating varied sock thickness. So far, I’ve used this boot comfortably in Minnesota snows and Tennessee rains.

The difference from all the other outdoor boots I’ve tries has been the instant comfort. No break-in period, just perfect fit from the start. The boots feel snug when I run or jump but don’t restrict circulation.


The soles have sufficient texture and grip to allow hopping logs, climbing rocks, and staying on slick metal surfaces with confidence. While flexible, the sole protects the foot well, and the toe insert allows kicking things with a degree of impunity. Being entirely non-metallic, these boots are light enough for unhindered jogging.

Since my models are usually military or similarly tough, fast people, these boots finally gave me a chance to keep up with them. And, for my concern about unseen snakes, these boots offer a lot more protection than a typical hiking shoe. While not officially advertised as snake-proof, these appear to offer good resistance to teeth, rusty barbed wire spikes, and other elements of pristine nature I often encounter. Four months of frequent, enthusiastic use in a variety of climates have yet to result in any degradation of the boots. Cleaned up, they also look reasonably appropriate for informal social occasions.


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