Brun-Latrige Model 1900 Pocket Pistol (Video)


Brun-Latrige Model 1900 Pocket Pistol (Video)

Pocket pistols. They’ve been a part of self-defense armament just about as long as guns have been around. And there have been many variations made on them over the years.

This one is a French version, which was patented in the 1890s and introduced in 1900. Despite its weird appearance, it’s apparently quite comfortable to hold and even to use.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)
(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

The knurled trigger folds down to operate the gun, and because it’s striker-fired, double-action only, and the barrel moves rearward against spring tension as you pull the trigger, it does take two fingers and it appears to be more of a hand squeeze than simple finger movement.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)
(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

That cover, rounded towards the left (front of gun) and squared at the right (rear of gun) with the knurled portion, prevents dirt and crud from entering the action. When opened by sliding it forward, it reveals the loading/ejection port.

When this cover is closed, the gun cannot be fired.


With the trigger folded up for a better fit in the pocket, a block is engaged and the action can’t be worked.

Each squeeze of the big trigger draws the striker backwards – and brings the barrel back as well. The barrel moves back over the cartridge, rather than the cartridge being pushed into the barrel.

Once the barrel encompasses the cartridge, the striker falls and fires the round.

After the gun is fired, the barrel moves forward when you relax the trigger, but the empty cartridge case stays. An ejector then shoves the empty case up and out of the way, to allow the next round to move into position behind the barrel.

The non-removable single-stack magazine is built into the grip and probably holds 8 or 10 of the 8mm cartridges.

Watch the video below to learn more about this really cool old popper.

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