Missouri Edges Closer to Constitutional Carry


Missouri Edges Closer to Constitutional Carry

The state of Missouri has reportedly moved closer to joining the ever-growing ranks of states that allow concealed carry of firearms without requiring a license or permit.

A right is a right–period. That’s elementary. So if we the people have the right to carry guns around in order to protect ourselves, the government shouldn’t have the power to legislate or regulate that right.

Should we need a permit or license to voice an opinion? Should we require a license in order to avoid unlawful search and seizure or to receive due process? Nope. Why, then, do so many believe that we should be required to jump through hoops and pay off the government in order to exercise the basic human right of self-defense?

It would seem that the Missouri Legislature agrees with me–at least to a point. The state house recently voted 112-37 in favor of a bill to relax restrictions on concealed carrying of firearms. Basically, it would become legal to carry concealed without a permit anywhere it’s currently legal to carry a gun openly in MO.

The bill now goes to the Missouri state Senate.

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