Turning Metal Investments into Bullets


Turning Metal Investments into Bullets

These are turbulent times. The stock market bounces up and down like one of those mega super balls thrown against a concrete driveway. People who have worked for companies for 20 plus years find their investment programs cancelled or that their 401Ks simply are not performing.

Meanwhile the cost of everyday living escalates routinely. Retirement income has been a desperate disappointment to many. Social security teeters on malfunction. Those still working discover an eroding paycheck even if they earn any kind of a raise. It is becoming ever harder to make ends meet.

At a recent Christmas party I accidentally wandered into a conversation with a small business owner virtually telling his life story and his prepper investment strategies. He revealed that in the past three months he had begun the process of selling all of his stocks, bonds, and paper investments in exchange for precious metals. In particular he was putting all his money into silver. Really? What if the precious metal markets tank?

My first question to him as a prepper myself was, “Have you figured out a way to eat silver yet?” I may be wrong, but putting all of one’s investment dollars into metals could be a problem. I mean when the SHTF hits, who is going to trade food, water, essential survival gear, medical supplies, ammo, and all the other sustainability goods for a block of silver? While precious metals or stones could be liquidated for cash during normal economies, during a SHTF it would be doubtful. I am far from sure that his narrow strategy is a good one.

Later I mentioned to a prepper colleague this guy’s silver strategy and he chuckled that the guy might be onto something. If a real nasty zombie-vampire SHTF should develop, he will have the right metal to transform into bullets. I don’t even know if the guy shoots or even owns a gun, but the idea is intriguing enough to ponder.

How will preppers resupply themselves with bullets when the balloons go up? Many shooters have opted to reload as a supply chain mechanism to reconstitute fired brass into new ammo. All that is needed is some very basic reloading tools that can be operated manually. Then bullets or materials, powder, primers, and such. Ammo reloading for preppers is a realistic option.

The only catch about the silver is its melting point of 1762 degrees F. Better have a metal melting pot if you go that route. Or, you could just keep your investments in balance.

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