Journey to a Lightweight AR-10


Journey to a Lightweight AR-10

I’d like to start another discussion, this time on the process of building a firearm towards a specific purpose. I little while ago I brought up the idea of a semi-bolt action AR in 300 Blackout. Now, I know that sounds odd, but it had its roots in the idea of subsonic 300 Blackout not cycling properly without a suppressor.

This time I’d like to bring to light a project thought up by Bill (wjm308), a poster on the Sniper’s Hide forum. His project linked here is “to make a 1000 yard capable AR-10 that is under 9 pounds.”

So this post will chronicle my journey along the way to building my new lightweight AR-10. And for those of you with the stamina to follow this thread with my long diatribes, welcome to my world of sometimes strange decisions, sometimes foolish decisions, but altogether decisions that will hopefully help me get to the rifle that is right for me…

Qualifications: I am not GAP or JP, I am what I would call a basement gunsmith, which I would define as someone who is mechanically inclined and can perform basic tasks on firearms, including the building of AR style rifles. I do not proclaim to have all knowledge and don’t mind asking questions to learn from others and believe that all of us can (and should) learn and grow in knowledge throughout our lives.

Objective: To build a lightweight AR-10 that is capable of sub-MOA out to 1000 yards while being suppressed/unsuppressed

I’m going to post decision points and pictures throughout this thread which will hopefully be educational (both for myself and for others), informational, helpful and fun.

The following categories are what I’m going to focus on:

  1. Decision making and meeting your personal objectives
  2. Cartridge choice
  3. Barrel choice
  4. Gas Blocks, tubes and other innards
  5. Bolts and BCG’s (Bolt Carrier Groups for the acronym challenged)
  6. Buffers tubes, Buffers, Springs and more
  7. Upper/Lower combos
  8. Stocks
  9. Handguards
  10. Grips
  11. Triggers
  12. LPK (Lower Parts Kit)
  13. Muzzle brakes, flash hiders, suppressors oh my!
  14. Sights
  15. Scopes, Rings and Bases R’ Us
  16. Accessorizing (some of us have AR’s that put womens’ purses to shame)

Throughout this really great series of posts he goes quite in-depth to the point where you could follow along with ingredients and preparation like a cooking show. The only thing I can’t follow personally is the price of over $3000 for one gun. But I can definitely learn from his build process, even if I don’t do the exact same build.


But what do you think? What projects have you invested heavily in? What were the major goals of your idea?

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