CMP Service Grade Garands “Sold Out” Is This The End of an Era?


CMP Service Grade Garands “Sold Out” Is This The End of an Era?

It appears the supply of M1 Garands from the Civilian Marksmanship Program may finally be at the end.

Today the CMP quietly changed the status of the last available .30-’06 “Field Grade,” “Service Grade,” and “Special Grade” rifles to “Sold Out.” These three grades represented the most affordable, and popular, options for a CMP M1 Garand

The only remaining purchase options are the “.308 Special Grade” at $1,030 and several varieties of M1C and M1D sniper rifles at prices ranging from $935 for a M1D “Rack Grade” with no accessories or scope to $3035 for a M1C with a receiver base but no mount or scope.

A CMP M1 Special
A CMP M1 Special

The CMP receives surplus bolt-action and semi-auto U.S. service rifles from the U.S. Army and is authorized to sell them to qualified U.S. citizens. Although the CMP has also been authorized to receive 1911 pistols from the army the army has yet to release any pistols to the CMP and there is no timeline as to when this may happen, if it does happen.

There is no word on whether existing orders for the now sold out selections will be filled or if the CMP expects to receive any additional supplies of M1 Garands from the army. I have a call in to the CMP and will update if any more information becomes available.

Update: This CMP Sales Update was sent by e-mail and posted on their Facebook page on May 20.

“CMP posted Friday, May 13, 2016, that we are not accepting orders for RM1SPECIAL, RM1SERVICE and RM1FIELD. Any orders postmarked on or before May 16, 2016, will be accepted. We are in a backorder status for all of the rifles listed. It may take 6 months or longer to fill those orders. Once our backorder log is filled, we will open sales for these rifles again. We currently have M1D’s and M1C’s available for purchase and ready to ship. ”

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