Guns Stolen From Dealer Advertised on Facebook (Video)


Guns Stolen From Dealer Advertised on Facebook (Video)

Georgetown, TX – In a burglary that reportedly took just 7 seconds, a 20-year-old crook stole 4 guns from a gun shop and got away.

But then he tried to sell them through Facebook. Doh!

The bad guy was caught on video breaking a window and then a glass display case at GTX Guns, grabbing the guns, and getting out. Somehow, police suspected the right guy, but he wasn’t home when they got there. Police did catch up with him eventually, but couldn’t pin the crime on him.

The next day, a tipster told cops that the crook (I refuse to name him and make him “famous”) was indeed the guilty party, telling them that he was advertising the guns for sale via Facebook Messenger.

When police picked him up and briefly held him on an unrelated charge, he gave them more evidence by calling a woman and directing her to erase his Messenger info. Police were able to identify the recipient of three of the guns and even found a photo of all 4 guns–still with the gun shop’s price tags attached!


The recipient told police that he traded the crook an old car for the three guns, which police recovered.

This is one crook who really needs another way to make a living. Aside from this brilliant caper, he’s been convicted of theft three times previously, and police believe he is responsible for at least 4 other burglaries in the area.

The video below was posted on Facebook by the gun shop on the day of the burglary.

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