D.C. Barred from Demanding “Good Reason” from CC Applicants


D.C. Barred from Demanding “Good Reason” from CC Applicants

In yet another interesting turn of events in the ever-evolving drama that is gun ownership in Washington, D.C., a federal judge has reportedly ordered police to stop requiring CC applicants to provide “a good reason” for seeking government permission to exercise his or her Constitutional right to bear arms.

Unfortunately, this order may only be temporary.

Less than two years ago, the long-standing DC ban on carrying guns was declared unconstitutional, and police were barred from enforcing the carry ban “unless and until such time as the District of Columbia adopts a licensing mechanism consistent with constitutional standards enabling people to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

DC government’s response was to create a restrictive concealed-carry licensing law that only allowed “members of the public who meet the statute’s criteria” to apply for a license.

The law gave the police the discretion to grant concealed-carry licenses only to those with “good reason to fear injury” or other specific reasons, such as having a job in which they carried large amounts of cash or valuables.

The restrictive nature of that law has been challenged in court, and a federal judge has ruled that, during that challenge, police may not deny application to citizens who cannot or do not provide a so-called “good reason” to defend themselves.

The judge cites the fact that the Second Amendment guarantees our rights both within our homes and when we venture out in public, saying “The need for self-defense is, of course, greater outside the home than it is within it” and that allowing “law-abiding responsible citizens to carry arms in public for the purpose of self-defense does indeed lie at the core of the Second Amendment.”

Robert Marus, a spokesman for the District of Columbia attorney general’s office, said it was ‘very likely’ that Judge Leon’s ruling would be appealed, ‘so that we can go back to enforcing our law.’

Of course they will appeal. Freedom doesn’t work in their favor.

But for now, score one for the good guys.

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