NY Daily News’ Double Standard on Gun Control Campaign Spending


NY Daily News’ Double Standard on Gun Control Campaign Spending

The NY Daily News has teamed up with The Trace to uncover the NRA’s nefarious plot to buy congress by pouring <pinkie>$34 meeellion dollars</pinkie> into the 2014 congressional races. The article is pitched on the cover as follows: “As the NRA gathers for its annual gun orgy, we reveal the group’s plan to buy the U.S. government–one election at a time. SHADOW REPUBLIC”.

Sounds terrifying :rolleyes:

The Supreme Court’s decision removing the cap on what outside groups can spend on leaflets, postcards, and ads supporting or opposing candidates in federal elections—called “independent expenditures”—has helped the NRA maintain its role as one of the most potent forces in American politics.

The group is spending more money than at any time in its history, all in pursuit of one purpose: to ensure Washington does not enact any new restrictions on gun ownership.

So evil and nefarious, they way they’re putting all of their members’ grassroots money into politics.

Here is a story in the same outlet back in 2014 on Bloomberg’s announcement of his plans to dump $50 million into congressional races throughout the country in order to push a gun control agenda. I looked, but I didn’t see any similar hysterics around Bloomberg’s, nor did I spot any in this subsequent story about Bloomberg’s plan to dump an additional $25 million into various elections that year.

But maybe I missed it. I checked the covers for those days, as well, and didn’t see any talk of “orgies” or “shadow republics.” Just another day in NY’s insular media establishment, I guess.

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