Factory Gun Storage in a 1972 Corvette


Factory Gun Storage in a 1972 Corvette

Here’s something I ran across in a group for Australian hunters.

A fellow posted that he was installing some carpet in a 1972 Chevy Corvette for a customer, and he noticed this odd shelf in the back of the car.

As you can see, the shelf latches in the upright position, and when unlatched, it hinges downward.


The curious bloke found the part number and looked it up only to find that it was originally sold as a gun rack!

As the Aussie carpet installer observed: “Oh how times have changed.”

As many of you know, Australia has had strict gun laws for a long time now, so something like this is a relic of a bygone time for them. Pretty sad, that.

But still, a fairly awesome way for a Corvette owner to transport his (or her) poppers.

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