Klutz Shoots Self, Bystander at High School Graduation


Klutz Shoots Self, Bystander at High School Graduation

Argh! Why are people so stupid?

Yeah, I know. They just are. But still, I get frustrated when things like this crop up.

A concealed carrier reportedly goes to a high school graduation in Augusta, Kansas and brings his Kel-Tec 380 pistol.

That in itself is not necessarily illegal.

According the Kansas attorney general’s website, concealed carry permit holders are allowed to carry on the ‘grounds of a K-12 school,’ but districts can post signs on school ‘buildings’ prohibiting concealed carry inside.

No one FactFinder 12 spoke with is exactly sure what lawmakers meant by the terms grounds and buildings.

But where does our genius decide to tote his popper?

In. His. Sock.

Yeah, that’s right.

And gee, having a gun in his sock became uncomfortable. Who’d’a thunk it? So he reached down to adjust the pistol inside his sock–and fired the gun.

Into his right foot.

Not exactly tragic to my way of thinking, but unfortunately, the bullet or a piece thereof ricocheted and hit a nearby woman in the leg.

One witness who knows the woman… said he heard the shot a little before the commencement ceremony began. He said he looked down at the woman’s calf muscle and noticed the wound, which was ‘bleeding like crazy.’

He said he ran over to the concession stand and grabbed a lot of paper towels in an effort to stop the bleeding. The woman’s family says she is going to be okay.

The miscreant drove himself to the hospital for treatment, and police are seeking to charge him with “criminal use of a weapon/possession of a firearm on school grounds.”

‘Let’s just cut to the chase here,’ said [Augusta police chief] Brewer. ‘The gun should’ve stayed in the car. An ankle, in a sock, is not an adequate place to put your weapon.’

No kidding.

Don’t you just hate it when stupid people ruin things for everyone?

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