Watch: Making a Knife Out of 2,200 Fish Hooks


Watch: Making a Knife Out of 2,200 Fish Hooks

So you have a couple thousand fish hooks, and you want to make a knife? No sweat. This guy will show you how.

In reality, this fellow appears to be a knife maker working in a small home shop, and he decided to make a knife using a canister damascus method.

If you’re wondering what canister damascus is, you haven’t been watching enough of the TV show Forged in Fire. In that case, it’s like this: Steel objects are placed into a container, along with powdered steel to fill any gaps between the objects. Then the container (or canister) is heated and hammered to forge-weld the steel inside the canister.

This turns the contents of the canister into one solid piece of steel.

Then, the canister is removed and the resulting steel bar is turned into a knife.

It’s pretty wonderful, if you ask me.

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