Is the Demise of the AR Upon Us?


Is the Demise of the AR Upon Us?

Gun owners are on the verge of panic. And I suppose some usual dose of paranoia is in order given the way things are going in America these days. I know the AO readership is watching, listening, and reading everything they can digest on the Orlando blame game. It seems the guns, the SIG AR and the Glock pistol, are catching the brunt of the attacks much more than the actual Islamic terrorist attacker. Well, politics as usual.

Let’s explore our reasoning for current pangs of paranoia. First, we have an anti-gun president and many anti-gun congressmen and women. Many of them do not own a gun because they all have private security and most never grew up with guns or knowing exactly how much fun they can be to shoot, collect, or hunt with, or these days to protect one’s self with.

We are but one Supreme Court judge away from ruling upon new deep throated gun laws despite many of the ones on the books now are either not enforced or just don’t work. You see, us law abiding citizens abide by the law. Ironically, criminals or terrorists do not. Duh!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is an avid anti-gunner. She supports gun confiscation a la Australia and even further hints at doing away with the Constitutional 2nd Amendment altogether. The Republican candidate Donald Trump seems to be a pro 2nd Amendment person but is negotiating with the NRA for some moderate position on new legislation to further some restrictions for some people to own guns. I suspect the current laws already address that, but there does seem to be a need for information and investigations to be shared between the FBI and BATF. Duh!

Certainly, I am not a constitutional lawyer or even an expert in this arena, however I was not aware that any court, much less the Supreme Court, could actually dissolve a constitutional amendment. Maybe the news reports of such just meant they could rule on lawsuits redirecting some of the provisions of gun controls already on the books. Somebody please remind us, doesn’t congress have to vote on constitutional changes to be ratified by a majority of the states? I may have that wrong.

Folks we are simply living in perilous times now. America is the target. There is more to come. Maybe the powers at large will eventually get the point that the hammer is just a tool, but the carpenter bends the nail. I heard it best today. If your steak comes burned black, do you blame the grill or the cook?

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