Nashville Armory Offers Free Permit Courses for LGBT Community


Nashville Armory Offers Free Permit Courses for LGBT Community

I know this is topic is getting old now, at least for me. Every time something bad happens it’s all people talk about and it never goes away until the next bad thing happens. That said, I was overjoyed when I heard somebody wanted to do something to help that would actually make a difference in some peoples lives. I came across a post that Oleg Volk shared the other day that had this to say.

 A third party is offering free classes for members of the LGBT community at the Nashville Armory, according to a Facebook post from Gay Nashville.

Nashville Armory said a third party is offering handgun carry permit course in July.

“The successful completion of this course is one of the requirements to obtain a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit. Registration will be required to attend,” the Facebook post read.

There were a limited number of spots available and the class has since been filled.

The opportunity has–as it said–passed, but it’s the act of selflessness from those willing to give their time so that members of the LGBT community could be persuaded to the one thing that will keep all of us truly safe: owning a firearm and using it to defend ourselves from those that wish us harm.

Because I think it’s appropriate, I’ll close this with a quote from my yet un-named book.

“I care little for borders and politics.‭ ‬I am a soldier because there are people in this world that cannot be talked out of fighting.‭ ‬They will brand you as their enemy and stop at nothing to kill you.‭ ‬I trust you because we are both men that have left our families behind to protect them and failed.‭”

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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