How Seriously Are You Taking Nuclear Preps?


How Seriously Are You Taking Nuclear Preps?

From old Cold War nuke hand and former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, via Jerry Brown, comes an attempted wake-up call: we are sleepwalking toward a nuclear war with Russia, and the danger now is higher than it was even in the Cold War:

I know of no person who understands the science and politics of modern weaponry better than William J. Perry, the US Secretary of Defense from 1994 to 1997. When a man of such unquestioned experience and intelligence issues the stark nuclear warning that is central to his recent memoir, we should take heed. Perry is forthright when he says: “Today, the danger of some sort of a nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.”1 He also tells us that the nuclear danger is “growing greater every year” and that even a single nuclear detonation “could destroy our way of life.”

Perry’s book is only the latest in a series of increasingly loud warnings from Russia watchers that NATO seems to be on a nuclear collision course with its Cold War rival.

For me personally, I rate the threat of WWIII higher than any other single threat at this point: from EMP to economic collapse. NATO’s present expansion and antagonism of Russia is, in my opinion, suicidal madness. Russian and US warplanes almost fired on each other over Syria earlier this week.

So I ask the question I asked at the outset: how seriously are you taking your nuclear preps? Or are you in a region where there’s no hope, and if the bombs start to fall you’re pretty well doomed?

As for me, depending on the number of bombs in the cluster and the yield, I may or may not make it through the first attack. If I do, it’s not clear to me that I can hunker down for two weeks or more until the radiation clears. And then when the food starts to run out and all the wildlife are dying… Maybe I should just move closer to the nearest urban center and plan to go out with the rest.

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