Photo: A Huge Wild Hog from New Zealand’s Chatham Islands


Photo: A Huge Wild Hog from New Zealand’s Chatham Islands

Can’t say I know the full story behind this photo, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with some of my fellow hunters.

I recently saw it on Facebook in an Australian hunting group, where it had been shared from Big Game Hunting New Zealand. There, it had been posted for a summer photo contest back in 2013.

So it’s not exactly new, but it sure is impressive. Here’s the text that was with it:

Check out this big hog from the Chathams! With all this wet weather around there’s bound to be a few good pigs been caught remember to send your boar photos in for a chance at winning some prizes!


This Chatham Island monster went 292lb

What I find equally as impressive as the size of the porker is the fact that it’s been trussed to a spare tire holder. Sometimes I wonder if the one on our old Jeep is going to hold onto our spare tire, much less a porky behemoth like this.


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