Watch: Off-the-Grid Water Wheel Generator in Kentucky


Watch: Off-the-Grid Water Wheel Generator in Kentucky

Free electricity. Gotta love it, right? One guy sure does, at least when his creek’s not flooded or frozen.

This admittedly crude setup, much of it done with free materials, produces power to run lights, television, etc.

A spillway built into a shallow creek dumps water onto a homemade water wheel, which turns a bicycle sprocket, which turns a bicycle wheel, which turns an alternator.

The alternator puts out a bunch of power–a little more than 40 volts in this video–which is then regulated and fed to a bank of vehicle batteries, all of which were free or mighty cheap. From there, an inverter turns the juice into AC to power whatever he needs to run.

Pretty good. Shows what a resourceful person can do with found objects when the need arises.

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