What to Stock Up for Post Election


What to Stock Up for Post Election

A huge gun show was held in my area recently. The main buzz among the crowd and even the dealers was what to be buying in advance of the presidential elections in November. The assumption is that the arch enemy of gun owners, Hillary Clinton, will find a way to manipulate the election into a win. That could spell bad news for gun enthusiasts.

Two things primarily drive gun and ammo sales. That is a crisis and paranoia. The Dallas police shooting was the latest crisis, thus feeding the paranoia needed to produce sales. People are more scared than ever about the safety of themselves and their families. Regardless of where we go or live these days, we are targets of one criminal intent or another.

These personal assaults may simply be a thug crime to secure cash or property to sell in order to score another drug hit. Or it could be a much more organized assault like a terrorist attack at a national running event or in the workplace. The threat potential is endless.

So, given all these conspiracy theories, some more plausible than others, what should gun owners be buying now to stock up on in case our freedoms are curtailed in the future? New gun control ideas range from the most drastic of full gun confiscation (good luck on that) to various kinds of restrictions on gun manufacture, ammo tracking, purchase restrictions, and more permits and licensing. Anti-gunners are as prolific with new ideas as are those dreaming up new ways to generate revenue enhancement taxes.

If you do not own a gun, then buy one or several. I recommend a basic semi-auto handgun, a semi-auto rifle, and a good shotgun. If your resources are highly limited, then go for the shotgun first, then a handgun. Shop around and buy reliable used guns to save money.

If you already own guns, then stock up on more ammo and magazines. The minimum ought to be at least 1000 rounds per gun caliber or type. Gun dealers here are predicting more increased prices in ammo and accessories, plus some shortages over time.

If you are a prepper or survivalist, then continue that work, but the threat there is likely no more or less regardless of who is in the White House. Food, water, and medical supplies continue to be prime to stock. But get the ammo first.

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