Massad Ayoob on Gunfighting Myths


Massad Ayoob on Gunfighting Myths

In an interesting article, noted gun writer Massad Ayoob has taken on “5 gunfighting myths.” As a fellow writer, I’m not interested in stealing his thunder; but I will share the high points and encourage you to explore the full article for more info.

These are the myths that he takes on:

  • If you can’t do it with six, you can’t do it at all.
  • My car is never far away, so I’ll just keep my handgun/long gun/spare ammunition there.
  • You must practice only point shooting because you’ll never be able to see your sights in a gunfight.
  • You must practice only aimed fire because you’ll never be able to hit anything pointing.
  • You can never justify shooting a man more than 7/15/25 yards away.

Ayoob uses known incidents to prove his views and disprove the myths, such as the would-be cop killer who confidently approaches a state trooper after counting six shots–only to learn that Illinois troopers had recently begun carrying semi-autos. Doh!

Check out the article for his arguments against these myths.

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