Watch: Outdoorsman Meets a Skunk Squad on the Road


Watch: Outdoorsman Meets a Skunk Squad on the Road

I’ve had only one close encounter with a skunk in the great outdoors. I was bow hunting in the early 1990s, easing down a trail in the Ocala National Forest in Florida, when I spotted a movement ahead. I soon saw that it was a skunk.

I drew my bow and said, “Okay, skunk. If you don’t shoot me, I won’t shoot you.”

Happily, it was a peaceful skunk that soon went on its way. And it was nowhere near as adorable as the skunk family in the video below, which travel as a single unit although it is composed of mama and four young ‘uns.

They approach a bicyclist, check out his foot and bicycle for a bit, and then move on down the road. The way they move is seriously delightful. Mama skunk is the nucleus as the family makes up a cute, furry, smelly atom of skunkness.

If you can watch this video without cracking a grin, I feel sorry for you.

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