Hunting Vehicles Targeted by Thieves


Hunting Vehicles Targeted by Thieves

Well, I just did not believe the story until I witnessed it in action. Now it seems to be a prevalent trend that hunters’ vehicles are being targeted by carjackers and thieves. The idea being that if a truck is covered in hunting or shooting related stickers, then there is an assumed high probability the vehicle may contain a gun or valued hunting equipment.

I first heard of this a few weeks ago when a contact fresh back from a huge national hunting show in Dallas, Texas was told by the convention people not to park a truck there if it was covered in hunting stickers on the windows. Apparently thieves have been homing in on such shows in D-Town for crash, and steal the stash.

At that show alone my friend told me numerous vendor and show goers had their vehicle windows busted out and the vehicles throttled for any hunting equipment or related items of value. They took guns, hunting gear, optics, GPSs, rangefinders, backpacks, and anything else of value.

Then last December, this happened to vehicles at a gun show in Jackson, Mississippi. Police told witnesses that every vehicle hit had hunting or shooting stickers in the windows or related business signs. Thieves think such vehicles automatically mean they may have a gun inside or other expensive hunting gear.

Which vehicles hit were the favorite? At that gun show, twelve trucks were broken into and every one of them were Ford F-150s or 250s with pushbutton entry keypads on the doors. The thieves had knowledge of how to pop those keypads out of the door and disable them to unlock the trucks. Do I suspect auto repair or auto body repair people here? Just speculation on my part.

Then for several weeks following the gun show incident, the same “M.O.” turned up again with numerous vehicles all across the city. Vehicles bearing outdoors type stickers were hit in parking lots all over town during the broad daylight. They were hit in shopping areas and work site parking lots. The break ins where not “random” as they targeted trucks with hunting, pro-gun, or related stickers.

Again, vehicles with keypads were sought, but it was not limited to those. Thieves were caught on camera smashing and dashing all types of trucks, all with some kind of a sticker. So, outdoors folks, be forewarned if your vehicle displays pro-outdoors stickers. Keep your valuable gear locked up at home.

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