GREYMAN: A New Lifestyle Series


GREYMAN: A New Lifestyle Series

“GREYMAN” is a new web series by Tyler Grey (featured in “That Which I Love Destroys Me” and Larry Vickers (and presented by CCW Safe)) that will be focusing on:

personal protection, self defense, and survival skills by improving your awareness, training, shooting skills, home security, travel security, physical training, first aid skills and much, much more.

The first episode was just released and it is part one (of a two part set) that covers home security.

The video features Rob Pingor of The Core Group, who specialize in security audit and assessments. The premise of the first topic covered in GREYMAN is threat assessment of a typical suburban house. Tyler and Rob begin outside the property and work their way in, discussing the vectors that can be used to attack a house and pointing out ways to harden it (like bright, motion activated lights and trimming foliage).

Depending on your background, this may be no brainer stuff to you. Despite that, I can bet that you know at least a couple of people that can benefit from this information. And maybe you will glean a single point that you didn’t think of. If this is new information to you, then it is a win all the way around.

Overall I’m liking the direction of the show, though I think the first episode was a bit short and ended a bit abruptly. The show, in general, has some lofty goals, and I am interested to see where it goes. Give it a try and let us know in the comments what you think!

GREYMAN Episode 1: Home Security

Here's the first episode of GREYMAN! I invited Rob Pingor, of The Core Group, who is an expert in covert entry to access a typical suburban house with me. We were looking for every possible weakness that a thief or predator would look for and give you that info so you can turn your house into a harder target. Pt. 2 of Home Security is coming next week! Make sure you let us know what you'd like to see, share this, and like the page!Special thanks to CCWSafe for sponsoring GREYMAN, if you carry concealed it's a no brainer to have CCW Safe. Check them out at

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