Your Very Own Personal Screen Pod (Video)


Your Very Own Personal Screen Pod (Video)

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something like this comes along. It’s a tiny pop-up screened tent thing, with almost enough room inside for a grownup to sit in a chair.

At first I thought, “This could be a good idea. We like the outdoors; we hate bugs. We need shade and protection from extremely light rain that only falls straight down. Cool!”

But not for long.

I do like the notion of a screened and shady spot; that’s nice. But I have to stretch my legs from time to time, lest my knees get stove up. Look at how this woman has to sit in the thing.

Some of the text in the video gave me a laugh:

Perfect for: Sports, Camping, Kids, Gardening

Wow. Kids maybe–if they’re lazy or sedated. But gardening? What kind of gardening can you do in that itty-bitty (33″ x 33″ x 52.5″) space?

But hey, someone somewhere must want it. It does fold up pretty small (tote bag is 19″ diameter), and only weighs 2 pounds. So here it is, for a mere fifty bucks.

Have fun.

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