For Under $200 This Stealth Cam Trail Camera May Change the Way You Hunt


For Under $200 This Stealth Cam Trail Camera May Change the Way You Hunt

If you’re a sportsman who isn’t using modern remote field cameras to improve your success, you’re missing out on an aspect of high-end technology that may forever change your hunting.

And Stealth Cam’s G42NG is without question the best and most reliable digital camera I’ve ever used, and it’s a serious bargain at under $200 retail. The digital camera uses small SD disks and records a staggering amount of video and still photos, including night photos, and it’s all housed in a simple to access camo case.


Remote, weather-proof cameras (like the G42NG) are invaluable to deer hunters because they perform like in-the-field eyes that alert outdoorsmen to what’s happening near their hunting sites while they’re at work, home, a football game, out-of-state, and even at night.

Placing a remote camera over a deer scrape or near rubs, for example, not only informs a hunter what size and number bucks are making the sign, but it also records when it’s being made.

The hottest scrape sign in the county will do a hunter no good if bucks are only working the site under cover of darkness. Remote cameras record and reveal that information to hunters who can then make adjustments to their time spent afield.

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I’ve used trail cameras for years, and while they’ve worked okay, many were unreliable, which is major problem when setting cameras in remote places a long way from home. Sometimes cameras are afield for a few weeks without being tended, and when you check them batteries are depleted or the unit malfunctioned and everything you’d hope for is a bust.

That’s not the case with Stealth Cam’s G42NG. I’ve been using it to keep tabs on my hunting areas for a couple months, and I’ve yet to have to replace batteries. Photos and video are sharp and easy to view. The unit is as good today as when I first got it.

The camera has recorded some interesting things at my hunt spot, including a couple of trespassers sneaking around, more turkeys than I thought were on my lease, and a couple of nice bucks that showed they’re already making scrapes and rubbing antlers.


But the best photo the camera has made is one of a bobcat that caught a squirrel and is triumphantly walking through my hunt area. It’s an incredible photo that shows the value of having a quiet, reliable woods camera keeping guard at a pet hunting spot.

I will be getting a couple more Stealth Cam units to monitor choice hunting areas I want to stay well away from until the rut starts to rock.

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