Trump Throws NRA Under the Bus on “Illegal” US Weapons in Mexico


Trump Throws NRA Under the Bus on “Illegal” US Weapons in Mexico

Hooboy. The Guardian reports that at a recent appearance with the Mexican President, Donald Trump took a sharp detour from the NRA’s long-established opposition to claims that US guns are powering the Mexican cartels, and appeared to support the idea that it’s time to crack down on the flow of arms across our southern border.

“No one wins in either country when human smugglers and drug traffickers prey on innocent people, when cartels commit acts of violence, when illegal weapons and cash flow from the United States into Mexico,” Trump told the crowd.

When he says “illegal weapons” are going into Mexico, I don’t think he’s talking about “Fast and Furious.” It’s the classic lefty “we need stricter gun laws because OMG drug cartels!”

Here’s a question for the pro-Trump folks: what are you gonna do when President Trump drops the RKBA like a trophy wife who’s gotten too old and fat?

Actually, don’t answer that, because I already know what you’ll say: you’re gonna lock and load.

Me? I’m gonna laugh at you and be all “I told you so!” Then I’m gonna saddle up, too.

But Internet tough talk aside, this is what the future looks like. Only Nixon could go to China, and only a GOP president could propose the kind of large-scale civilian disarmament initiative that a President Trump will surely float in the wake of his administration’s first domestic mass-casualty terror attack. You know it’s true. That guy couldn’t care less about you and your guns. He’s gonna do whatever it takes to keep you “safe,” even if it’s from yourself!

I’m guessing it’ll be better to have it all out at once with Trump, though, than to suffer four to eight years of boiling frog treatment under a Hillary presidency.

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