Watch: DIY Homemade Springs How-To Video


Watch: DIY Homemade Springs How-To Video

While it’s not quite as obvious as how to build food and shelter, the ability to build tools (and to repair or replace worn or broken mechanical parts) can be a valuable survival skill. In this video, we receive some instruction on how to make coil springs.

Prepare yourself for some dry humor; this is not a 100%-serious video and it begins as an obvious parody of “How it’s Made.” But it does contain useful information, which might help you create a new spring for a mouse trap to protect your food cache from hungry rodents after the apocalypse or to replace a spring in your shotgun so you can defend your precious brain from hungry zombies.

If you have a low tolerance for wasted time, you should probably skip the first 1:30 or so of the video.

Here’s hoping you find this useful. As a do-it-myselfer, I did.

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