Watch: One-Armed 8-Year-Old Girl Shoots a Bow Better than Many


Watch: One-Armed 8-Year-Old Girl Shoots a Bow Better than Many

People amaze me. And it’s refreshing when I find someone who amazes me for a good reason! So when I stumbled across this young lady named Andi Nail, I had reason to smile.

Andi is a little girl who was born with one and a half arms, but that doesn’t stop her from loading and shooting a compound bow all by herself. And her Facebook cover photo shows her playing softball, too.

This is the first video of her that I saw. After she nocks the arrow, sets her mouth-operated release, draws, and fires, hitting the target perfectly, she looks back at the camera and shrugs, like “No big deal.”

I had to laugh out loud, just for joy.

(I apologize to anyone who can’t see the videos embedded below. I’ve been told that Facebook videos don’t show up for some readers. Sorry about that!)

These days, she has her own Facebook page and some newer videos.

In this one, a fellow archer (I’m guessing her brother) helps her out, and then she shoots a balloon.

And here she is shooting clay pigeons with her bow.

What a champ! Thank you, Andi, for setting such a great example of positivity. In a world where so many people lie around feeling sorry for themselves, you are a shining example of the value of hard work and self-reliance.

I have no doubt that you will go far.

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