New Wireless Boat Kill Switch Lets You Move Around While Staying Safe


New Wireless Boat Kill Switch Lets You Move Around While Staying Safe

This is pretty cool. You know those MOB (Man OverBoard) kill switches that tether you to a boat, jet ski, or other machine, so that if you fall off the engine will stop? Well, imagine a wireless device that does the same thing.

I know I like the idea!

(Image: FELL Marine)
(Image: FELL Marine)

I have a small two-seater CraigCat boat, and I would definitely use one of these devices on it. Here’s what a recent press release says about it:

[FELL Marine’s] hi-tech MOB+ is packed with features to enhance safety and make the inconvenient and seldom used cord-based systems obsolete by wirelessly stopping the boat engine if one falls overboard.  According to the US Coast Guard, there were over 4000 boating accidents in the US with 600 untimely deaths in 2014 alone.  The FELL Marine MOB+ hopes to reduce these tragic statistics.

FELL Marine has put design and technology at the center of its product development. The MOB+ accessories are crafted to ensure boaters enjoy wearing the hi-tech safety FOBs without compromising their own style, look and comfort. At the same time, FELL Marine employs the proprietary WiMEA Protocol with lightning-fast reaction time, 4D Antenna Diversity, AutoMOB, state-of-the-art electronics and UniqueID technology to stop the boat without interfering with existing systems onboard.

The MOB+ base unit can be installed in seconds on literally any boat or engine configuration with simple, plug-and-play connections. The AutoMOB would then automatically shut off the engine if the boater wearing or carrying the FOB falls over board and allows the engine to be restarted after 6 seconds. The highest quality materials that withstand salt, cold and the sun have been used to make MOB+ devices durable in the harsh of marine environments.

‘FELL Marine has a wealth of experience in the low power RF technology, and we are excited to have applied this expertise to enhance safety on the water with the MOB+ – a wireless cut-off switch and an intelligent man overboard system with wearable accessories for every occasion. Perfect for an active lifestyle without hindering the boaters’ freedom,’ said Christian Frost, CEO of FELL Marine.

‘We are very proud to be representing the FELL Marine hi-tech and life-saving products in Canada,’ said Robin Martel, president of Northport Systems, parent company of Fugawi. FELL Marine´s mission is to create products that contribute to safety without impinging on one’s style and preferences. Wear the FOB of your choice on a lanyard, as a wristband, tucked away in a pocket or hooked on the life vest or belt.’

FELL Marine’s ready-to-use MOB+ complete with the base unit and a FOB is retailed at an affordable price of US $179.

About FELL Marine Inc.
FELL Marine Inc. is a subsidiary of FELL Group AS. FELL Group AS is incorporated in Norway, with its principal subsidiary is located in the US. FELL, FELL Marine, WiMEA, AutoMOB and UniqueID are trademarks of FELL AS and/or its subsidiaries.

About Fugawi
Fugawi is the brand name of Northport Systems Inc. whose assets were recently purchased by Johnson Outdoors Inc. Fugawi was founded in 1995 and distributes software services, connectivity solutions and hi-tech marine products in Canada.


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