Watch: Super Stump Grinders


Watch: Super Stump Grinders

Stump grinding. This might sounds boring, unless you’re among the millions of us who have had to remove stumps the old-fashioned way or had to put up with stumps because you couldn’t remove them. In that case, you will probably find this impressive.

The first video shows a huge screw-type Rotor S “grinder” chewing up a stump at low RPMs. Typical stump grinders have cutting heads that spin very fast and tend to create a whole bunch of shavings, which they may fling here and there. But this big screw type one moves much more slowly, and the wood chips left behind are much larger. This makes it easier to clean the wood chips out of a stump hole after grinding, so you can fill it with dirt to prevent it from sinking down later on.

And speaking of wood removal, check out the next video after you watch this one.

This stump cutter also works on a huge farm tractor’s 3-point hitch with power takeoff, and it also┬ámoves at fairly low RPM. But the beautiful thing about this is that it cuts around a core, which it can then eject. So instead of turning everything into shreds or chips, it can remove one or more cores of wood, which it can then spit out. This certainly speeds the removal of wood from a hole that needs to be refilled with dirt.

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