SC School Shooting Stopped by a Good Guy With a Gun


SC School Shooting Stopped by a Good Guy With a Gun

South Carolina — When a report of an “active shooter” at Townville Elementary School went out, two firefighters heard the call. They were working at a nearby farm at the time and were able to reach the scene ahead of police.

By the time they got there, the 14-year-old criminal, who allegedly murdered his father that morning, had shot one teacher and two 6-year-old boys. Sadly, one of the boys later died of his injuries.

After a short discussion, the men split up. Fire Chief Billy McAdams, a paramedic, went inside to help treat the victims. Firefighter Jamie Brock, armed with a handgun, put himself in harm’s way by heading towards the young criminal. After finding him, Brock neutralized the threat.

According to the Chief’s statement:

[F]irefighter Brock continued his search on the outside of the building. As Brock made his way to the rear corner of the building, he observed the shooter a short distance away in the grass. Feeling it was imperative to the safety of the students, teachers and responders already inside, he immediately confronted and subdued the shooter. He was able to keep him on the ground until law enforcement arrived to place him into custody.

No details were released regarding Brock’s use of his sidearm. For all we know, it remained holstered at all times. But I have to believe that, while on the hunt for an armed young man who had already shot several people, he had his gun in hand as any reasonable person would do.

Regardless of how he did or did not use his gun, it was there if he needed it. It is fortunate that he was nearby and able to respond quickly, and it is equally unfortunate that no teachers or other staff members were armed at the time of the attack; they may have saved an innocent young life.

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