Watch: Trailer Load Distribution Really Matters


Watch: Trailer Load Distribution Really Matters

In this short must-see video, we witness a demonstration of the importance of properly distributing the weight of a load on a trailer. We outdoors people haul lots of stuff: boats, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, travel trailers, and all kinds of other great gear. Knowing how to array the load in relation to the hitch and the axle can go a long way towards keeping your vehicle and trailer stable and safe.

We have all seen those people towing trailers on the highway, swaying back and forth, sometimes violently. I’ve always wondered what they were¬†thinking (if anything); it’s simply unsafe (and un-smart) to do that. Part of the problem may be that folks don’t realize they should have more weight forward of the trailer axle than behind it. It’s called “tongue weight,” and it helps all of your tires stay in touch with the road.

Check out this demonstration to see what can happen if too much weight is placed behind a trailer’s axle.

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