Colt Knuckle Pistol: Fact or Fiction?


Colt Knuckle Pistol: Fact or Fiction?

I will begin by saying, “No.”

No, this gun is not real. Whoever edited a photo of a 1911 Colt pistol by shortening it and adding multiple trigger guards that look like brass knuckles was clearly not interested in covering his or her tracks; evidence of “photoshopping” is rampant.

But that doesn’t mean the concept is bad. I actually kinda like the idea in theory (and with obvious changes).

For one, the design in this photo would spread your fingers too far apart. You wouldn’t have a good grip on the gun, and the unnatural finger spacing would make it slow to grab and draw. But remove the bottom two finger dividers and tighten things up a bit, and you might end up with something useful.

If you fire your gun until it’s empty, don’t chuck it at your enemy like those morons in the old Superman TV shows. Knock hell out of that baddie!

It brings to mind some words of wisdom I read years ago:

Someday, someone might kill you with your own gun… but he should have to beat you to death with it because you shot it empty trying to stop him.

Something like this might forestall even that.

Fight on, my friends.

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