Watch: 17-Year-Old Hunter Self-Films a Public-Land Bow Buck


Watch: 17-Year-Old Hunter Self-Films a Public-Land Bow Buck

Georgia Outdoor News (GON) recently reported on an impressive task accomplished by a 17-year-old hunter. Not only did Hunter Galloway take a fine public-land buck on a mountainous area that isn’t known for having many deer, he also managed to film his own hunt.

Turns out, he’s written for GON and used his earnings from that to buy some camera equipment to begin recording his hunts.

After some successfully-recorded turkey hunts last spring, Hunter followed up by recording his recent archery hunts, and one of them turned out very well indeed.

At least two bucks fed in towards his stand, munching on acorns. The leading buck was a fine 8-point, which finally came close enough for a shot.

His first hit wasn’t perfect; it hit a bit to the right and nailed the buck in the shoulder. It did hit the lung also and the buck went down, but then the video goes black as we hear Hunter saying, “No. That did not just happen!” Then, even the audio tapers away to nothing.

We later learn that he shot the buck again, and that it died nearby after heading back in the direction from which it came… but we never get to learn the details of what happened. That was kind of a bummer, but Hunter clearly thought it was best to keep viewers somewhat in the dark, so to speak.

I ran the video in what I feel was a tasteful way to show respect for such a great animal but also to show things that really happen in hunting.

In the end, it’s a great real-world hunt that had a happy ending.

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