Packing a KISS Bug Out Bag


Packing a KISS Bug Out Bag

If you are an active prepper, then you have read the articles, searched the Internet, and probably bought a book or two on the varied aspects of prepping. One of the most popular topics is building a bug out bag. It is an essential, foundational piece of gear with supplies and enough equipment and goods to sustain a SHTF escape.

There should be enough stuff in your bug out bag to get you from Point A, home or work to Point B, a bug out location readied for an extended stay, or a place to set up a temporary camp. The big question is, “What goes in the bag?” I am sure you have read the suggested lists and maybe followed one you liked best.

But, whose list is it? If you followed somebody else’s goodie list, then it may not cover all of your specific personal needs. And you may find that bug out bag weighs a ton and is very cumbersome to move and load. Maybe there is stuff in the bag not needed in a bug out mode.

If you plan well ahead in advance of potential SHTFs by having a bug out site pre-set up, then many supplies and tools could already be in place. This ought to include a couple weeks of water, food, and other essentials as a minimum. Realize this is for a pre-set up site.

When selecting and packing items for a bug out bag, then keep it as simple as possible and think in terms of the very essentials, leaving unnecessary items behind. But more importantly pack the items you absolutely need, know how to use, and can secure your best success at reaching your bug out site or living along the way.

Though I am a big proponent of redundancy in terms of bug out supplies, there has to be a balance of things in the process. For example, you may not need several knives. Pare down your fire starters. Limit your guns to what you, your family, or your team can deploy with a fair supply of ammo. Take your life sustaining medications and some common OTC meds. Pack minimal clothes. Water and light foods will be needed.

Before you bag it all, lay it out to overview. Go over everything and double check it. Then pack it and place it. You’ll be ready.

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