Watch: Forging an Axe From a Block of Steel


Watch: Forging an Axe From a Block of Steel

This video isn’t as succinct as the one where the guy forges a tomahawk from a wrench, but this project also involves a whole lot more work. We watch as he takes a block of steel and transforms it into a good, solid, working hatchet.

I like everything he did except for the handle.

Among the good things we see are how he works the steel to shape the axe head and especially the forming of the eye (handle hole). Pretty nice. At one point he even uses another hatchet to split the front edge of the head, and then he forge-welds a piece of harder steel in there to form the cutting edge.

I love it.

Sadly, when he installed the handle, he left it sticking way up past the top of the axe head. What the heck? It is supposed to be trimmed flush with the top of the head. That way, the steel wedge will be doing something useful by forcing the wood against the interior of the eye, rather than splitting the exposed wood.

But that’s really a minor detail. I have installed plenty of handles in axes and hammers, but I’ve never forged anything from a hunk of steel. So hats off to Torbjörn Åhman!

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