How are Ammo Supplies Holding Up?


How are Ammo Supplies Holding Up?

Here’s an open pre-election thread, which we may do a few more of as Doomsday approaches. Today’s topic is ammo, or, rather, the lack thereof.

I’m actually seeing a decent amount of ammo at my local gun shop and Wally World. .308 is a little hard to come by, and .22LR is just not in stock anywhere here in Central Texas. But other than that, things aren’t too bad. It’s nothing like previous panics.

So I guess I have two questions: How is ammo looking in your area? Are we in the calm before the storm?

Regarding this last question, I’m basically wondering if the gun and ammo buying public is thinking “I’ll wait and see if Killary is actually elected before I run out and start stockpiling,” or is everyone all stocked up from previous panics and they’re just topping things off with no plans to run out and go crazy?

I have to say, guys I talk to are almost in the opposite mode of previous panics, by which I mean they’re getting rid of guns and ammo and consolidating. In other words, guys are getting down to the nitty gritty and thinking, “what are the three or five guns I want to focus on, and what calibers?” and then selling everything else to raise cash and put it back into the guns and calibers they’ve settled on.

Most guys I know are paring down everything to 9mm, .223, .308, and .22LR, and dropping everything else.

So how are things in your neck of the woods? Got ammo? Are we going to see the mother of all panics next month, or is everyone just consolidating and topping off?

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