Real World Duck Calling Tips


Real World Duck Calling Tips

Many beginning duck hunters are apprehensive about their calling. But don’t be afraid to call, it’s the only real way to learn. Listen to experienced hunters call on the water, and mimic what they do and when they do it.

The best calling teachers are ducks themselves. Visit a refuge or even a local park, find some ducks, and listen to them. Mallards are easiest to find, and most obliging to call. Widgeon are very vocal, too. Be sure to bring your pet calls, and work with the birds, making the same sounds they do.

Some very good audio tapes are on the market that teach calling. Most are made by call companies. Get them and leave ’em in your car where the racket won’t bother anyone but you. Be sure to leave your calls in your car, too.

Pintail and widgeon whistles sometimes can be very effective in pulling down mallards, especially in hard-hunted public areas where everyone is working greenheads with aggressive, loud, incessant mallard “talk.”

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