Dillon’s Reloading Equipment Catalog a Classic


Dillon’s Reloading Equipment Catalog a Classic

While I don’t normally recommend a product catalog, there are a few exceptions, and Dillon’s Blue Press booklet is certainly one of them. Even if you do not reload your own ammunition, there are enough other shooting products presented in this periodic publication that makes it a vital resource for ammo reloaders, shooters, and gun enthusiasts.

The company Dillon is of course one of the premier manufacturers of top flight ammunition reloading equipment. Known simply as “Blue Gear” to many that create their own ammo concoctions, Dillon makes reloading equipment and loaders often referred to as “Progressive” reloaders. Once set up and dialed in, one pull of the press handle essentially performs all of the brass loading steps at once.

Because Dillon Reloaders are automatic-indexing, it means the loading technician (you) does away with many of the manual processes required by more conventional ammunition reloading equipment. Also many accessory items are available to add to a basic press set up to make the whole process seamless. If nothing else, you have to order this catalog just to see these reloaders.

Dillon reloading equipment just scratches the surface of items listed in their catalog. The index listing is long including books, videos, ear and eye protection, ammo boxes and bins, Dillon leather, range bags, targets, target stands, firearms maintenance supplies, and over twenty other types of shooting accessories.

The “other” list includes rifle and pistol magazines, sights, grips, gun parts like springs, tactical lights, specialty leather holsters, Wilson Combat items, cleaning supplies, and much more.

Also included in their catalog book are articles covering reviews of historical weapons, classic firearms, product reviews, and profiles of many different kinds of firearms. The product photography in the catalog is first class, especially including the usual sharing of photos of one of the “Dillon Babes” shown from their annual Dillon Precision Calendar.

What I have found most helpful with a Dillon catalog (even though I do not reload my own ammo) is exposure to shooting products I rarely see in any other venue. This includes old staple products we have known for years, as well as new items just coming to the shooting marketplace.

So, add to your list of “to do” items for 2016 to order a Dillon Blue Press catalog. Check out their web site at www.bluepress.com to order this publication. You won’t be disappointed.

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