Toolcard by Lever Gear


Toolcard by Lever Gear

When I work out of my SUV, most tools are available for the digging through the vehicle. But going places in other people’s cars or hiking on foot puts me in a rather awkward position. Any loose screw or lens mount knob, any need to measure something, and I am reduced to asking if anybody has a screwdriver or a ruler or some other small tool. Toolcard proposes to fix this issue and does a fairly good job of it.

Sized 2 inch by 3 inch, it fits most wallets and some watch pockets. The web site claims about 40 features, and most of them have come in handy already. Constructed from stainless steel, it will turn stuck screws without abrading the driver bits.


While Toolcard comes with an ingenuously attached pocket clip, I ended up removing it. On the photo above, you can see how the clip overlaps the 1/2 inch wrench opening, the most often used size for me. Carrying it next to the wallet in the supplied slip cover proved a better way.


Is this tool durable? Yes! I’ve seen no abrasion or distortion of any of its tools so far. I am not sure how long the printed markings will stay visible on the edges though. Cardtool also comes in black with white marking. Those are easier to see than gray on stainless.

With only a thin edge available as the handle, can it be used to apply necessary pressure for wrenching? Yes, since the openings can be used to insert any convenient cross-bar to increase leverage.

The angular gradients help with orienteering on printed maps. Metric and Imperial rulers are just handy. Integral can opener and para cord cutter come in handy on hikes. The entire assembly is airline-approved, so we no longer have to feel like tool-less savages while flying. The only notable omission is the lack of hex or star wrenches, but other combination tools exist to fill that gap.

At $32-35, Cardtool is half-way between a stocking stuffer and a nice standalone present. Since its usefulness goes beyond outdoor hikes or installing gun parts, it looks like a viable option for the coming holiday season.


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