Video: How Lead Shot is Made


Video: How Lead Shot is Made

If you’ve ever wondered how lead shotgun pellets are made, this is your lucky day! The video below will tell you about it.

Actually, it is an old video, ostensibly from 1950 of a shot tower in England. Yep, a tower.

Molten lead (or more commonly, a lead alloy with other metal(s) added to make it harder) is poured through a sieve or screen. As each drop falls through the air, it becomes round due to surface tension and begins to cool.

When it lands in the water below, the cooling is complete, and the water prevents each pellet from deforming by colliding with other pellets that have already landed.

Naturally, screens with different-size holes are used to produce different-sized shot. The tower in the video was making roughly 50 million pellets per day.

Pretty cool!

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