Review: STD Simple Threaded Device Muzzle Brake


Review: STD Simple Threaded Device Muzzle Brake

After realizing that my fun time blasting away with an AR15 pistol was raising the stock price of Tylenol, I decided to tame down that insufferable muzzle blast. Historically, my preferred muzzle brake has been the PWS CQB, which does a fine job on short-barrel AR15 uppers and also delivers a braking effect. The problem is that these Krinkov and similar brakes are usually well over $100, and I was in search of something less expensive, lighter, and more compact.

Someone suggested I get an STD – which led into a whole different discussion. But seriously, the STD or Simple Threaded Device is a catchy (no pun intended) name for a cool little brake that actually works.


The makers of the STD Simple Threaded Device muzzle brake cite reduced levels of sound pressure experienced by the shooter. I am not talking about suppressors or mythical acoustic disintegration devices. The STD is just a really simple little brake designed to not increase noise to the shooter.

The problem is that most effective muzzle brakes effectively redirect the muzzle blast closer to the shooter, making it louder for the poor bastards to the left and right as well as the guy behind the gun. The idea of the STD was to create a brake that would effectively move/direct the muzzle blast as close to 180 degrees from the shooter as possible. The result is pretty surprising, and extremely noticeable on AR15 pistols and short barreled rifles.


The STD is not magic, and there are compromises. It does not do a good job at controlling muzzle rise (but it isn’t any worse than a bare muzzle), and it’s not a flash hider. In fact, it can produce some unbelievable fireballs out of short barrels. The STD’s only real purpose is to avoid breaking your eardrums every time your gun goes off.

On a rifle-length barrel it does this pretty well, and in fact could be a really nice muzzle device for hunters who take the occasional shot or two without ear protection. On  22LR rifles the report was really quite pleasant, but hearing protection would still be recommended in all situations.

AR15 pistols and SBRs are WAY loud and there is no way around it without a suppressor. The STD just makes it a little better and prevents the report from being amplified as do other brakes or flash hiders. Testing has shown that the STD can reduce shooter-perceived sound pressure levels by as much as 3db over a standard bare muzzle, and that 3db reduction makes the shot seem half as loud to the shooter.

If you swap from a typical vented brake, most people will perceive they have cut the perceived sound pressure by four times.

The other thing I really like about the STD is that it is tiny, short, light, and inexpensive. At around $60, the STD is one of the most affordable aftermarket brakes on the market and certainly one of the lightest and most compact. If you have an AR15 pistol, this is an option the can bring the deafening roar into check.



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