Appropriating Supplies – Part II


Appropriating Supplies – Part II

In Part I we did a run through of the various kinds of consumable supplies that could easily be accumulated in the course of going about everyday tasks like shopping or eating out. You may have even more creative ideas for such than we have had. If so, please share with us your own findings or discoveries in the comment section.

In this Part II I am just further exploring other opportunities for securing additional supplies and goodies very often offered for free to the taking or asking. Tune in to your local area schedule of happenings to see the dates of various kinds of events in your area. These may be home improvement shows, gardening shows, guns shows, business conventions of sorts open to the public, chamber of commerce events, boat shows, or other outdoor related happenings. These are all ripe for picking up useful supplies that would come in handy during a SHTF.

What kinds of things could you expect to pick up? Here is just a short list of items in my appropriation supply crate from previous events. First, all manner of note pads, writing tablets, list sheets, sticky pads, pencils, pens, highlighters, permanent markers, and all sorts of office type supplies. This has included small staplers, paper clips, clip binders, zip bags, chip clips, and like stuff. Over time I have probably collected 50 tote bags of all kinds, folders, zip up carry pads, soft cases, brief cases, and carry bags.

Other items include useful tubes of hand lotions, all types and sizes of hand sanitizers, stain removers, lens cleaning supplies, computer screen wipes, and soft cloths, and mouse pads (useful for a million other things).

Medical type or personal hygiene items have included pain relief lotions, small first aid kits, aspirins, band aides, elastic wraps, lip balm by the tons, fresh breath sprays, mints of every flavor and description, chewing gum, candy, bug sprays and creams, facial tissue packs, wet wipes, soaps, and ointments of all kinds. All of this stuff can come in handy during an extended bug in or bug out or in escape route travel.

I have collected dozens of hats, caps, and assorted other head gear, gloves, socks, camo handkerchiefs, sunglasses, drink cups, coffee cups, coasters of assorted materials, thermos jugs, blankets, wraps, light jackets, rain gear, small tool sets, screwdrivers, box cutters, pocket knives, and such. The list goes on.

My inclination is to tell you to collect whatever you can get free, then sort it out later or give excesses to others on your prep team. Make a hobby out of appropriating and it turns into fun.

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