Watch: Dude Perfect and Gould Brothers Trick Shotgun Shooting


Watch: Dude Perfect and Gould Brothers Trick Shotgun Shooting

The Gould Brothers are highly skilled shotgun shooters who make a living blasting moving targets with shotguns.

Let that sink in for a second.

And of course, Dude Perfect is a group of guys who have managed to make a living by trying seemingly impossible things over and over until they become possible–and then publishing well-edited videos of those things.

Jealous yet? Me, too.

This video features both teams and a stunning array of trick shots, punctuated by a little experimental shooting (with a shout out to Demolition Ranch).

Are you difficult to impress? Well, try watching a guy toss a clay target into the air, followed by another guy tossing (yes, tossing) a shotgun shell right into the first guy’s shotgun receiver — and then the first guy chambers the shell and breaks the clay before it hits the ground.

Or shooting a shotgun upside-down and backwards, with the help of a mirror. Or one-handed pushups with one-handed clay-busting in between. And a whole lot more.

Yeah, it’s good stuff.

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