Watch: Emergency Sand Anchor for Getting Unstuck


Watch: Emergency Sand Anchor for Getting Unstuck

Stuck in the sand with no trees in sight? What can you attach your winch cable to to pull yourself out? Well, this guy says you should use your spare tire.

And I found it interesting that he’s driving a Volkswagen pickup truck! Hmmm.

This trick might be a pain for folks like me, whose spare tires are underneath the truck bed and therefore difficult to access, but in a bad situation, it would be worth the work to dig it out.

It’s easy to see that our host isn’t in a hurry as there is zero urgency in his digging, but he ends up digging a hole 1.5 times the tire’s diameter, in which it can stand upright, parallel with the front bumper of the vehicle.

Aside: I really like his hat. I need me some shade, and that hat provides it.

In the end, though, you have to dig up the tire that you used as an anchor point though, right? Well, maybe not. He suggests driving up close to the spot and trying to winch it up out of the sand.

Check it out.

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