Watch: Hunter’s Deer Takes the Driver’s Seat


Watch: Hunter’s Deer Takes the Driver’s Seat

Well, this is different.

When a Michigan hunter ran short on space while packing up to go home from a hunt, he decided to put the deer in his UTV instead of his truck. Tied down in the bed? Nah. He and his pals lashed the carcass in such a way that the deer appears to be driving the side-by-side utility vehicle while enjoying a frosty adult beverage.

Gives an entirely new meaning to the term “deer drive.”

The video below is from a news station, and it shows the original video (taken by fellow drivers who actually had to slow down to go by the trailer again so they could record the clip) as well as some commentary and explanation.

Said the guy who conceived the prank, which took about an hour to set up since they obviously didn’t want the deer to fall out: “[At one toll booth] they were cracking up so much that… I dunno if she even knew how much money she was supposed to charge me.”

The reporter is obviously not a hunter, as he stated that this was “one of five deer they caught that weekend.” (Emphasis added.)

It was definitely a funny way to transport a critter, but I also feel like it’s disrespectful to the animal. Am I too touchy about that? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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